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NEW See Flash Gordon on the Big Screen!
Sci-Fi-London, London's first Science FIction and Fantasy film festival, will be screening Flash Gordon as part of their programme.  The festival starts on the 1st of February, and Flash itself is playing at noon on the 3rd.  Visit the site for more info!


NEW The  Flash Gordon FORUM!
Finally a place for Flash Freaks to discuss, well, whatever.

NEW Interview with Melody Anderson (Dale)
The partner interview to the Sam Jones one below.  
You must read these...

NEW Interview with Sam J Jones (Flash)
Very interesting and funny interview with the man himself.

NEW Interview with Mentor Huebner
Production illustrator and storyboard artist for the film.

NEW Sam J Jones Voice Mystery
Was Flash dubbed?

NEW Storyboard Artwork by Mentor Huebner
Great storyboard work from Ming's Court.

Script Changes
Cut extracts from the movie script.

Totally Awesome!Random-Quote-a-Rama!

Flash Gordon Desktop Theme (Win95/98)
Make your computer look STUPID!


Flash Links

Flash Gordon Props Viewer
You just have to look at this.  This guy has some amazing 
Flash gear, including the Flash T-Shirt from the film.   Also the
site is very well made (Using Flash! Haha! Ha).  Go there!

Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society
Wow.  Klytus has his own fan-club.  There is an interesting section
regarding Flash Gordon, as well as Wyngarde's other work.

Allscifi Flash Gordon Movie Review
Read reviews and see in depth analysis of Flash at Allscifi.com.
You may recognise one of the reviewers....  (cough).

The Mongo Museum
Adam Gross likes ray guns.  He has probably all the
ray guns that there are in the world, including some
Flash Gordon ones.  Check them out.

ScifiHollywood.  (More rayguns)
Not just rayguns, but all sorts of original prop weaponry
from Flash and just about any other Sci-fi movie you can
think of.  Plus you can buy Marty McFly's hoverboard from
Back to the Future II.  Apparently it doesn't really fly though.

Flash Gordon Quotes
Selection of fairly large sound files, of all the most famous
quotes from the film.

This banner doesn't do anything, eitherThe Unofficial Flash Gordon Site
Lots of great content, not very well organised, but often a first
for rare images.  Not as good as this site, obviously, 
but worth a look... :)

Site devoted to a very in-depth look at the old Flash Gordon
adventure serialisations.

Keefe Studios
The comic book artist Jim Keefe is the current Flash Gordon strip creator.
Good site with lots of links & info.

Flash Gordon Radio
Listen to Flash Gordon radio plays while you work via
streaming media at Live365.  If you want to.

  Flash Gordon