Flash Gordon  

Flash Gordon


TITLE: Quarterback, New York Jets.
HOME: Earth.
BUDDIES: Dale, Zarkov
ENEMIES: Ming, Klytus etc.
FACIAL HAIR: Un-naturally smooth.
COSTUME PERVERSITY RATING:2 / 10 ( execution outfit 9 / 10 )
ACTING METHOD: Frowning and looking confused.
ROLE: Crashes with Dale into Dr. Zarkovs' house. Tricked into entering space capsule ("where's the phone?"). Goes to Mongo. Gets executed. Gets revived by Auras kiss. Fights Barin. Befriends Barin. Kills Klytus. Befriends Vultan. Leads attack on Mingo City. Flies War Rocket Ajax into Ming. Saves the universe. Spurns Auras' advances in favour of Dale. Hmmm.

Sam J. Jones

Think that Flash Gordon killed Sam J Jones' acting career dead? You FAITHLESS BASTARDS. Check out the saviour of the universes' C.V.:

"Hollywood Safari" (1997) TV Series .... Troy Johnson
(1997) .... Greel
American Strays
(1996) .... Exterminator
American Tigers
(1996) .... Sergeant Major Ransom
R.I.O.T.: The Movie
(1996) (V) .... Jimmy O'Brien
Where Truth Lies
(1996) .... James
(1995) .... Braden
Fists of Iron
(1995) .... Tyler
Ray Alexander: A Menu for Murder
(1995) (TV)
Hard Vice
(1994) .... Joe ... aka Vegas Vice (1994)
Texas Payback
(1994) .... Gentry
Angel of Fury
Da Vinci's War
(1993) .... Jim Holbrook
Expert Weapon
(1993) .... Janson ... aka American Dragon (1997) (US video title)
Fist of Honor
Lady Dragon II
Gold of the Samurai
(1992) .... Jeff Slater
Maximum Force
(1992) .... Michael Crews
Night Rhythms
(1992) .... Jackson
Other Woman, The
(1992) .... Mike Florian
In Gold We Trust
(1991) .... Jeff Slater
L.A. Takedown
(1989) (TV) ... aka Made in L.A. (1989) (TV) ... aka L.A. Crimewave (1989) (TV)
One Man Force
(1989) .... Pete
Under the Gun
(1989) .... Braxton
"Highwayman, The"
(1988) TV Series .... "The Highwayman"
Silent Assassins
Highwayman, The
(1987) (TV) ... aka Terror on the Blacktop (1987) (TV)
Spirit, The
(1987) (TV) .... Spirit/Denny Colt
Jane and the Lost City
(1987) .... Jungle Jack
My Chauffeur
(1986) .... Battle
This Wife for Hire
(1985) (TV) .... Tommy Sellers
No Man's Land
(1984) (TV)
"Code Red"
(1981) TV Series .... Chris Rorchek
Code Red
(1981) (TV)
Flash Gordon
(1980) .... Flash Gordon
Stunts Unlimited (1980) (TV) .... Bo 10 (1979) .... David Hanley
Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel, The
(1979) (TV) .... Roy

But a crowning acheivment for any man woman or beast has to be - you guessed it - a guest appearance in the A-Team. Yes! Mr Jones played 'Eric' in the episode 'semi freiendly persuasion' 5.8.84

Mr Jones also filled in those troughs in his acting legacy with a varied selection of general crew work, operating cameras, set decoration, still photography etc. What a guy!

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