Flash Gordon  

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Ok, deep breath, from the beginning.  
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"Klytus, Im bored.  What plaything can you offer me today?"

"Will you destroy this...Earth?"


Is it the A-team?

Robby Coltrane!  There he is!  Look!

Hot Hail

"Sure hope Flash Gordon had a great vacation."

"Any trouble fellas?"

"Oh, youre just saying that to take my mind off this."

"Sometimes air rises above cloud, and - "

Da da da da daaa!

Zarkovs Place

"Cowabunga!"  (turn the volume up)

"Check the angular vector of the moon!"

"His ideas have been dismissed by the scientific community.."

"Theres no mistake...Its an attack!!  Ive been right all these years!"

"Get your toothbrush and whatever."

The Mings-Face meteor.

"Good morning!  Are you injured?"

"Wheres the phone?"

"You.  You are the lighter.  You may go!  Tell the world what Hans Zarkov has done!"


  Flash Gordon