Flash Gordon  

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Continuing this incredibly indulgent and unnecessary step by
step visual guide. Hover the mouse over an image for a quote.

Blinding image!

"For Gods sake, strap yourselves down!"

Love Theme  ( and Prodigy song )

The space capsule?  Or a Blue Peter creation?  That Peter Duncan is everywhere...

"Strange object sighted in the Imperial Vortex."

"Life forms?  Positive.  Approximate Mong-Scale 3."

"Weve landed! - On Earth? - I..dont think so..."

"Were from Earth.  Friends."


"Obviously an advanced civilisation..." ( or something )

Before I die I MUST own one of these masks.  Anyone got one lying about?

"Dont worry.  If all else fails Ive still got the gun in my pocket..."  Doh!

Some 'aliens'.

Yes!  Bring on the Mingster!

"The tributes of the Hawkmen will be first."


"Behold!  The fabled Ice Jewel of Frigia!"

"Vultan stole it while we were burying our dead..."

"Put down your weapons...or you sacrifice your daughter!"

"Throw yourself onto your sword."

GASP!  The horror!

"This Ming is a Psy-cho."

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  Flash Gordon