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"But if the hand of Ming is recognised, I judge that system a threat."

"...and our mutual pleasure..."

"No!  My mind is all I have!"


The war.


A young Zarkov.

"Level SIX?"


"Its extremely sensitive...like me."

"Every moon of Mongo is a kingdom."

"Many brave men died to bring it here from the Galaxy of Pleasure."

"My God, this girls really turning me on!"

"Come on, live a little, huh?"

"Bottoms up!"

"What is your name?" "Hans Zarkov.  AGENT Zarkov.."



Dale actually does something.

Go Dale Go!

"Ive got her.  Area 7-7 Delta."

"We have our suspicions.  But I need your permission to persue them.  My way."

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  Flash Gordon