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"I have come of age, Green Father."

The woodbeast relishes the thought of killing Peter Duncan.

Peter Duncan, of Blue Peter "fame".  Dies.

"Then why have you come?"

"It armoured me, girl!  They couldnt take those things away!"

"Prince Barin, Im not your enemy, Ming is!"


"Your jealousy of me has made you mad!"

"Should we stop the torture?"  "No."

"Shut up and play your bloody pipes, fool."

"And lose the princess forever?"

"Hang on, Hawkman!"

"Nice confession.  I commend you."

"Hans, look!"

"See what Blind Lou has caught."

Dont know this one.

"Indeed I do, my lovely!"

"Gordons alive?"

"Youre just waiting for the right moment to strike."

"Where are the weapons?"  "Feel one."

"Second down..."

"One move and youre looking for a new prince!"

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  Flash Gordon