Flash Gordon  

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"Flash Gordon to Vultan!  Flash Gordon to Vultan.  Do you read me?"

"Tee hee.  Bitch fight."

"Could tears come from my eyes if my heart hadnt changed?"

"Your joyous time has come.  You are to be prepared for your wedding."

"Im lost, Aura.  Nothing can save me now."

Dum dum dum dum...

"General Kala, Flash Gordon approaching."

"Fire when Gordons in range."

Run away!

"Dispatch War Rocket Ajax, to bring back his body."

"Should we go in after him?"

"My trap play worked.  Theyll follow me for sure."

"Charge boosters!"

"Good...theyre coming through!"

"Arm topside!"

Fight, fight, fight!

Lazers 1

Lazers 2

Lazers 3


"Behold the face of your Emperess to be!"

"There is no cause for alarm..."

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  Flash Gordon