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And finally. . .
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"Tell me more about this man Houdini..."

"Scanner malfunction."

"See you in Mingo City, Prince!"

"How long Earth has left, in minutes, and seconds."

"BOOM!  My hawk people, fly right in!"

"That must be one hell of a planet you men come from."

"Where are the atomic generators?"

"Ow!  I washed my contact lenses in the wrong stuff!"  (lie)

"Do you, Ming the Merciless, take this Earthling Dale Arden, to be your Emperess of the Hour?"

"Dale...what a damn shame."

"I do"  "I DO NOT!"






"Call of your attack on Earth and Ill spare your life."

"Pitiful fool...my life is not for any Earthling to give, or take."

"Your powers fading, Ming!"


"Youve saved your Earth."  "Yeah!"

"Barin is the rightful heir!"  "Hail Barin!"   (who wrote "Ming is dead" on the statue?)

"From this day forth, may every breed of Mongo live together.  In peace."

"We appoint Vultan genereal of our armies."

"Will we ever get out of here, Hans?"  "I dont know, but well try."

"Hey, check those guys out."  (under breath)



"Yeh, good one."

The End?  Unfortunately yes.  Unless somebody makes Flash 2!  Please?  Before the cast all die?

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