Flash Gordon  


Flash / Sam J. Jones

Prince Vultan / Brian Blessed

Prince Barin / Timothy Dalton

Ming the Merciless / 
Max Von Sydow

Klytus / Peter Wyngarde

Princess Aura / Ornella Muti

Dale Arden / Melody Anderson

Hi. I am a lunatic who can recite the entire dialogue from the film. Out loud. In public places. Alone.  Sweet! I also enjoy the 'game' where you shout out excitedly if you see someone from Flash Gordon in another show. Here are my goddamned favourites: Flash himself is in an episode of Baywatch where a plane crashes and that idiot kid is in the plane and that lifeguard lady who looks like somebody's mum is in the plane too i think and Flash is a coward or a Bad Man or something and he has Brown Hair. Dr Zarkov was in an episode of SeaQuest DSV (not that I watch that, of course) as, wait for it, a Crazy Scientist and in a James bond film where they climb a mountain and shoot people with crossbows. Ming is in Judge Dredd, the Exorcist, and some film about blind people who wear special glasses in the future that I rented on video because it had cool motorcycles on the back of the box. Oh, and he's in some famous film where he plays chess with the grim reaper or something. In fact, Ming pops up all over the damn place, but is fairly hard to spot as for some reason he neglects to wear his beard or skullcap in any other films. Munson AKA William Hootkins AKA The Fat Man Who is in Everything, is, well, in everything, if you look hard enough (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman IV, Batman, Hardware, Dust Devil, um...Biggles). He is truly mighty. Remember kids, fat americans CAN be cool.

- Silus


  Flash Gordon