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The Sam J Jones Voice Mystery?

I received an interesting email, which said this:

"A little interesting tidbit: for almost the entire movie, it is not Sam J. Jones' voice that you hear. Apparently, Mr. Jones had troubles of some sorts with the director, which resulted in almost all of his dialogue being dubbed by some professional voice actor."

If anyone can verify or refute this curious information I'd love to know.  While it sounds unlikely, a similar thing happened in the movie Krull, where the lead (British) female role was entirely dubbed over in an American accent.  So maybe . . . that would be weird.   Come on, someone must know.  Anyway, thanks to 'Derek' for the email.

UPDATE:  I found this review on Empire Magazine's website.  It's from the actual magazine, and it also refers to the crazy notion that Flash was dubbed.  Witness:

"From the opening moments - that score accompanied by montage shots of the original 30s comic books - Flash Gordon establishes itself as no mere rip-off of George Lucas' space-opera - something of a surprise given its producer, Dino De Laurentiis also gave us the dreadful King Kong. Plotwise, blond bombshell and football player Gordon (Sam J. Jones) is blasted into space along with Dale Arden (Melody Anderson) courtesy of Doctor Hans Zarkof (Topol) who is convinced that the widespread tsunamis unexpected eclipses and "hot hail" are the result of an intergalactic attack. They sure are. Slaphead space fascist Ming (Death himself Max Von Sydow) is "toying with us". It's up to Flash to save the universe alongside a wildly eclectic cast including Brian Blessed and Peter Duncan. Director Mike Hodges keeps the pace cracking and shoots the whole piece from the crazy angles and in the lush colours of the original comic books. Queen's rock operatics deliver a score which is almost unique in being utterly inseparable from the success of the movie and Jones, now residing in DTV hell, deports himself admirably as the golden space boy - even if 80 per cent of his lines are dubbed by a still undisclosed voice. In its way as good as Lucas' trilogy and with the added bonus of widescreen, Gordon is very much "alive"."

How about that....

Thanks to Mike Christie for the tip off.  I'm still very sceptical about this.


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